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Wallpaper of news – all your articles in one view

  • All your Google Reader articles in one view
  • Headline view – gives you an unprecedented overview of all articles. Ideal if you have lots of articles you want to scan
  • Preview – all articles with previews and images (where available). Ideal if you leisurely want to indulge in your news
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Quickly scan and read articles in the preview popover

  • Simply tap on a headline to instantly get a preview popover of the article
  • Read the article right there, mark it starred, toggle read status or share
  • Open original webpage in full screen mode if desired
  • Hint: In settings you can set "skip previews" if you prefer to always get the full webpage immediately
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Read original webpage in full screen

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See your articles in classic folder / time structure or by day

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Dive into any folder, feed or day and focus

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See only unread or starred articles

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Search all your articles and export results by email / copy to clipboard

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Choose between standard sepia background or white background

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Different font sizes / column widths

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Share articles everywhere

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Read better with readability services

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Customize Reader X

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Reader X uses quite a few frameworks from other developers. I would like to thank those developers for their tremendous work and excellent tools